Michal Scott's Christian Erotica & Christian Erotic Romance...bridging the secular & the sacred

Works in Progress


All My Sins Remembered - The year is 2100. Thanks to decades old discovery as a result of the Genome Project humanity is grouped into three races according to the divinity gene: Zeraphs, Hedons and Sarx. When Peridot Wilson and the sect of sexual priestesses she once belonged to are targeted by a high-ranking Hedon politician determined to use the power their spiritual rituals unleash to make him supreme ruler on earth, Peri turns to the cop secretly investigating the politician for murder. By engaging with the cop in the rituals of her sect, Peri can insure the politician's downfall. But because of the cop's traditional religious beliefs he turns her down flat. Peri however must find a way to convince him and soon because if she doesn't nothing and no one will be able to stop the politician in his quest for world domination. 

Mystic Sweet Communion: Seminarian Narvella Anderson resigns herself to a future as a soon-to-be dutiful missionary's wife, sublimating her wishes and desires to the needs and duties expected of one focused on saving souls. Before stepping into that life, she spends a month with her renegade cousin Jackie who introduces Narvella to the ecstatic pleasures enjoyed by the love mystics of the Middle Ages and helps her claim the power from the nexus between her spiritual and sexual selves. 

No Praying Allowed: Disconcerting rumors have reached the governing board of Canon Presbyterian Church. The prayer service of the Presbyterian Women's Lydia Circle is accused of engaging in lascivious and carnal acts, acts that have nothing to do with prayer. As the new associate pastor, Ermilla Seaton is ordered to attend the meetings and stop any unChristian behavior. What Ermilla learns about the power of prayer and its relation to her power as a sexual being not only challenges her to re-examine and redefine herself but also gives new meaning to 1 John 4:16 - God is love.


Alone On Earth Trilogy: Alone on Earth, Armaggeddon, Aftermath - To rescue her sister from vampirism Suzannah Fisher agrees to become her ex-lover vampire's sex slave but her reunion with Bill Masters triggers a battle between humans and vampires that no one may survive. 

A Little Golden Tail - The senior pastor of Present and Future Power Temple of Deliverance gives Associate Pastor Courtesy Marriner a week to reconcile with her husband or resign her post. However reconciling with her husband who believes she's too heavenly bound to be of any earthly good to him would also lead to calls for her resignation once it's revealed he's a vampire.  

Immortal Longings - The Council of Hedon Ancients prophesied that Adesina Okoro's child will end life on earth as they know it. Convinced by her lover that a life together forged in love can thwart the prophesy, she agrees to give it a try. Neither is aware that a killer has been set on their trail to thwart the prophesy by ensuring both Adesina's and her child's death. 


Permission - Zanthea Holder never imagined a ghost on the Hamilton Grange could be the answer to her sexual frustration. Neither did her boyfriend who resolves to satisfy her as she's never been satisfied before.

Neither Sugar, Nor Spice and Definitely Not Nice - It's 1898 and Florence Walters finds love and sexual satisfaction in a most surprising and delicious place: the scoops of her local ice cream man.

Possessed By the Past - Delighting in the menage a trois described in her great grandmother's journal Alana Hughes' erotic imaginings send her back in time where she enjoys an erotic threesome of her own until she discovers she has displaced her ancestor and changed history.