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Available now! Falling Hard: A Passionate Ink Erotic Romance Anthology


On September 30 my novella, Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman?, released in the Passionate Ink Falling Hard anthology and hit #21 in the KindleUnlimited erotic romance and anthology category. Since all proceeds support Pro-Literacy, an adult literacy charity, me other authors were over the moon! Read an excerpt of my story on my Check These Out page then go buy a copy here.

Available now! Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology

My short story is among the thirteen tales of rough and rugged cowboys in the lastest Delilah Devlin Boys Behaving Badly anthology, Cowboys. The anthology is available now. Sample a sneak peek of The Patience of Unanswered Prayer on Check These Out in the menu above.

 Looking for love in historical places?  Look no further!


Collaboration is so much fun and I had the time of my life last year in two. The first, First Response, released June 30th, 2020. I and fourteen other authors rose to Delilah Devlin's challenge to write a 5K short story about heroes & sheroes who come to the rescue. Mine is entitled, The $5.00 Kiss of Life. The second was a 10K story for Passionate Ink's Fireworks anthology entitled Light the Fire Again that released July 4th. Click on Check These Out in the menu above for a sample of each. You can still buy First Response: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology on Amazon.

Short & Steamy: Just The Way I Write 'Em

I'm five feet four, pretty short in my family, but I love the description when it comes to my "inspirotical" writing. Several reviewers have commented how my stories are a great quick read or are short but don't short change. I'm considering making a T-shirt with my book covers and the tagline "Short and steamy. Just the way I write 'em." Click on the About Me link above an let's get acquainted then sign up for my newsletter for a monthly inspirotical fix. If the link doesn't work just paste this in your browser: