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Looking for love in historical places? Look no further...

Collaboration is so much fun and I had the time of my life this year in two new ones. The first, First Response, released June 30th, 2020. I and fourteen other authors rose to Delilah Devlin's challenge to write a 5K short story about heroes & sheroes who come to the rescue. Mine is entitled, The $5.00 Kiss of Life. The second was a 10K story for Passionate Ink's Fireworks anthology entitled Light the Fire Again that released in July. Click on Check these out in the menu above for a sample of each. 

Short & Steamy: Just The Way I Write 'Em

I'm five feet four, pretty short in my family, but I love the description when it comes to my writing. Several reviewers have commented how my stories are a great quick read or short but don't short change. I'm considering making a T-shirt with my book covers and the tagline "Short and steamy. Just the way I write 'em." Click on the About Me link above and see what else I like.