Michal Scott's Christian Erotica
and Christian Erotic Romance

Hello, I'm Michal Scott, Christian erotica and erotic romance writer and minister of the Gospel. 

I picked the image of a bridge for this website because I want my fiction to be a bridge between the sacred and secular, between spirituality and sexuality, between erotica and Christ, between you and me. 

I've been writing romance seriously since I joined Romance Writers of America in 2003. Ever since seminary (yes, I graduated in 1983, ordained in 1991), I've admired the writings of the Mystics, in particular the love mystics of Begijn. Their expressions of love and their experience of God as love has always been an inspiration to me and I have longed to express in fiction what their non-fiction writings do, i.e. illuminate the union between the sexual and the spiritual. I've also always challenged the mind/body split (i.e. mind/spirit = good; body/sexuality = bad) that has plagued Western Christianity from its beginnings. I hope my stories are thought provoking and enjoyable, but even more I hope they'll encourage you, like the writings of the Love Mystics, to want to know God.  

In 2009 I finaled as Michal Scott in contests with erotic romance categories with four different works. Alone On Earth which won first place in Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight novella category came in second in the same category of the 2014 Dixie Kane contest. All My Sins Remembered, my Christian erotica, took fourth place in the Great Expectations contest of North Texas Romance Writers of America and second place in Where the Magic Begins. In 2015, it won second place in the romantic suspense category of the NJRW Put Your Heart In A Book Contest. Two other novellas, Possessed By the Past and Pandora's Box, finaled or received honorable mention in the Stroke of Midnight and Where the Magic Begins. Armageddon, part two of my Alone On Earth trilogy, received honorable mention in the 2010 Stroke of Midnight contest and tied for first place with my erotic western novella, A Woman Who Ain't Been Asked in the in 2014 SOLA Dixie Kane contest. This is now published as One Breath Away with the Scarlet Rose line of the Wild Rose Press, and as noted on my homepage, won first place in the historical categories of the Passionate Plume and Where the Sparks Fly contests.

I've published inspirational romance, Through A Glass Darkly, under my maiden name, Anna Taylor (www.annataylor2678.webs.com) and gothic romance Haunted Serenade, under Anna M. Taylor (www.annamtaylor.webs.com). Both works will be self-published and made available at the beginning of 2017. You can learn more about my writing in these genres at the websites mentioned above. 

I'm an African-American native New Yorker, recently relocated to the Southwest, married for twenty-eight years. I'm an ordained United Church of Christ minister with full standing in the Presbyterian Church USA as well.