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Greetings in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It seems like ages ago when in an erotic romance class I shared that I wrote Christian erotic romance and erotica. "Christian erotic romance? What's that? Sex with your eyes closed and your panties on?" We had a good laugh about that. It even gave me the title for my first comedic Christian erotic romance, SAFE BRAILLE SEX. But then the serious questions came and as I shared my definitions of Christian erotica and Christian erotic romance, the discussion became thoughtful and mutual respect developed.

Fast forward to 2018 and my second erotic novella, Better To Marry Than To Burn, has just released! I love the cover. Didn't the artist do a great job of mirroring One Breath Away? (check out my publications page)!

It doesn't surprise me most people would think Christian erotic romance or Christian erotica is an oxymoron. But the truth is the exact opposite. After all if God is love, and I believe it not only because the Bible tells me so, I want to find ways to celebrate and express that love using all the gifts God has given me. One of those gifts is the gift of writing. Explore, question, have fun or be puzzled, but in any case keep coming back. Join me on Twitter, @mscottauthor1.

The Wild West Has Just Gotten Wilder...And Hotter


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Freed Man seeking woman to partner in marriage for at least two years in the black township of Douglass, Texas. Must be willing and able to help establish a legacy. Marital relations as necessary. Love neither required nor sought.

Ex-slave Caesar King placed this ad because he needs a wife to keep his land without paying an exorbitant residence fee. Free-born Philadelphian

Queen Esther Payne answered because she needs a husband who won’t make her a submissive wife and mother. Each agrees this marriage of convenience will give them what they want. However, when they kiss at the wedding ceremony, the love neither Caesar nor Queen sought or required rears its head. In the battle of intellectual and sexual one-up-manship that ensues each is determined to come out on top. But who’ll be the first to cry uncle if victory means surrender?